News Feed: Created By You

Despite the fact that for many people News Feed is Facebook, most don't know how to tweak their News Feed to make it their own. This campaign features real Facebook users sharing how they use News Feed to see more of what they're interested in.

Role: Art Direction, Design  Director: Miles Jay

Just in Case Studies

A series of lighthearted how-to films showing people how to use Facebook.

Role: Design Art Director: Omid Rashidi Copywriter: J. Smith Director: Scott Trattner

filmSkyler Vander Molenwork, film
A Look Back

For Facebook's 10th anniversary, we wanted to create something truly special for people. Look Back was a dynamic film of all the great content you've shared to Facebook over the last ten years. Over 250 million people around the world viewed their Look Back videos with another 125 million going on to re-share them.

Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design
Creative Lead: Cameron Ewing  Animation: Nate Salciccioli