Skyler Vander Molen



I'm a San Francisco based Film & Creative Director who makes commercials and music videos

In 2017, I co-founded a design driven wellness practice with an innovative approach to opioid treatment and recovery living that treats space and community as integral components of treatment.

From 2012-2016, I was an Art Director at Facebook's in-house creative studio, The Factory, where I helped create some of the most watched personalized videos and interactive experiences on the internet — things like Friends Day (1.32B. views), Year in Review (367M.), and A Look Back (250M.). Before that I was Postmates’ first designer.

Originally from Florida, I live and work in San Francisco. If you're into what I'm into, say hi and let's make something together.




Skyler Vander Molen
+1 321.252.8526

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