Skyler Vander Molen, San Francisco Director


Skyler Vander Molen



I’m a curious, multi-disciplinary creative who likes making films and experiences.

Over the last ten years, I’ve worked in various creative and entrepreneurial roles in film production, design, technology, and advertising. I’m an explorer and big picture thinker who likes solving problems and getting things done. I love discovering new ways to use art and business to shape culture for the better.

Most recently, I co-founded a design driven wellness practice with an innovative approach to opioid treatment and recovery living.

Previously, I was an Art Director in The Factory at Facebook where I helped create some of the most watched personalized videos and interactive experiences on the internet. Examples include: Friends Day (1.32B. views), Year in Review (367M.), and A Look Back (250M.).

I’m always looking for collaborative opportunities to create films and experiences that champion human dignity, curiosity, and ingenuity. If that sounds like something you’re into, say hi



Dictionary Stories: My True Love Gave to Me

A short teaser for Jez Burrows' new book, Dictionary Stories. Coming April 2018 from Harper Perennial. Learn more at


Director, Producer: Skyler Vander Molen
Writer, Producer: Jez Burrows
Producer: Marc Estrada
DP: Justin Carlso

Gaffer: Nima Khazaei
Music Record and Mix: Phil Perkins
Sound Design and Mix: Kevin Crawford
Animation: Kenichiro Chaffee