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Skyler Vander Molen
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Facebook Miscellany


On This Day Illustrations

From time to time, Facebook uses illustration in its visual communication. The problem is that language has become fragmented and doesn't feel like part of a cohesive system. I worked with the Social Good & Goodwill team to establish a new illustration language for Facebook by starting with On This Day.

Creative Direction by Skyler Vander Molen Illustrator Richard Perez

nous vous campfire.png

Year in Review 2014

Since 2012, at the end of every year Facebook's given people a pretty standard recap of the top posts of their year. While it's a good way to get a high level recap, it doesn't do a great job helping you relive these experiences. For 2014, we wanted to make Year in Review feel special and give people a way to make it their own. We also wanted it to be easily shareable with minimal effort. So for 2014 we made Year in Review an interactive, customizable experience. I worked with four illustrators to create five themes people could use to customize their Year in Review.


Over 367 Million people viewed their Year in Review and of those, almost 40% went on to share them.


Creative + Art Direction, Design by Skyler Vander Molen Eng Leads Jon Harper, Alan Cannistraro



Launched in 2014, Slingshot was one of the first apps to come out of Facebook Creative Labs. Slingshot was a photo sharing app with a twist: to see the messages friends send you, you have to send one back. I helped create a launch site that showed how Slingshot worked and how much fun it could be to use.


Art Direction and Design by Skyler Vander Molen


Facebook Home

Facebook Home: It's not a phone. It's not an app. It's something else entirely. Because Facebook Home didn't easily fit into any existing product category, it needed to be experienced. I created a film-based site that focused on showing what it felt like to use a phone centered around your friends.


Creative Direction and Design by Skyler Vander Molen


Graph Search

When it launched, Graph Search was a new way to search and browse content on Facebook. Because it was a new type of search, it was hard to understand how to use it without seeing it in action. So I created a site that showed off the best examples of how powerful Graph Search was.


Creative Direction and Design by Skyler Vander Molen